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Nadine Lee
A great story about a Clan Macdonnell of Glengarry gathering held in Dunedin, New Zealand recently. About 80 people gathered in the city to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their ancestors' arrival ...
Clan MacDonnell of Glenga
Chas Mac Donald
Hey Everybody, have a look at the Clan Donald Gathering page I have created for the Clan Donald Gathering, hosted by Clan Ranald at Arisaig Highland Games on July 31st 2014. Y'all should be there!!
Chas Mac Donald
Anybody wishing information on any of the Clan Donald branches would he well advised to Like all of the Clan Donald pages. We had birlinns - we could be anywhere!
Tartan Footprint
The Well of Heads
Chas Mac Donald
I think it's the Well of the Seven Heads, is it not?
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