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Tartan Footprint helps you connect and share with Scottish people in your life.


Working Together

We are keen to work with Clan Societies and Scottish Societies around the world. By working together our collective voice becomes stronger and therefore attracts more people to join in. We are on the first phase of the site, you can invite members, chat, share photos, videos, forums, blogs, music, events add information pages. For the next phase we are working on integrating feeds from other social media channels (for example Clan facebook groups) and feeds out from Tartan Footprint to other sites. After that - we are integrating shops with the groups. You can run your own shop - either sell your own products or sell ours (see and your Society will get a percentage of the profits. Also we will be adding the ability for you to fund raise. So it's all very exciting ... and all you have to do is join and send me an email: - or direct message through Tartan Footprint: Amanda Moffet. We are already starting to work with some Societies - the more input we have from them the better we can make our site.

For more information see our presentation.

Clan Societies

Clans on the Web - the current situation.....

  • * Sites are out of date and many are not compliant

  • * Hard to maintain - labour intensive

  • * High Maintenance costs

  • * Inconsistency of information

In the current situation those responsible for keeping clan sites up to date work in isolation, sites can become stagnant and fail to achieve their potential and reach the wider clan audience who don’t feel engaged.

But What if....

  • * Your site was simple to maintain and update

  • * Your site was inexpensive to run

  • * Your site could provide a revenue to your society

  • * Your site was dynamic and engaging

  • * You could reach to other branches of your clan worldwide and share ideas

  • * You could easily reach your membership

  • * you could be part of a wider clan community

The Tartan Footprint Solution....

  • * An umbrella site for ALL clans

  • * A common clan point of contact

  • * Clan mentors to help build your presence

  • * Share events with your clan and others

  • * Online help when you need it

  • * Its totally free

How to get started on your journey

  • Sign up

  • * Join your clan group or set up a new one

  • *  Contact us to get clan admin rights - - or direct message through Tartan Footprint: Amanda Moffet

  • * Let us set up your clan society presence

  • * Create, share, inform your clan

  • * Let Tartan Footprint build a path to YOUR clan society and watch it grow.

Scottish Societies

Really the same as for clans - but set up your own group or contact Amanda if you need help doing this: - or direct message through Tartan Footprint: Amanda Moffet.

We look forward to working with you.

Amanda and Rodger

Tartan Footprint