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Sanford Wolf Snyder
Back to, tracing one of the two Kerr family trees. Finding, if it is correct, and I am not in error following it, direct connection to James II of Scotland (Great etc. Grandfather). How ...
Paula Kaye Allen
Hi there. I too have had a similar experience with ancestry. My g granddad Mathew Kerr came over in the mid 1800s. My mom is a Kerr. My line is from S Dakota, eventually emigrating to Washington state...
Sanford Wolf Snyder
Greeting all. Thanks to I have found Ker(r)s on both sides of my family tree. I am truly pleased.
LadyKathryn Kerr
Our branch came from Scotland through Ireland to the Carolinas around 1760, then migrated through the south to East Texas. Kerr on my husband's side, and now we represent the Kerr Family of North Amer...
Liz Ventevogel
My maiden name is Kerr. Born in Glasgow in 1956 and migrated to Australia in in 1961.
Amanda Moffet
Clan Kerr
A massive castellated mansion. Dates from 1721 and was designed b architect William Adam, although the building was remodelled by William Playfair in the nineteenth century. Floors stands a mile to th...
Tartan Footprint
The KERR Family of Armadale in 1900 at the back of Marchbank Cottage, East Main Street, which was built with Muir bricks for Muir Brickworks manager. Robert (middle row left) Davie (middle row second ...
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