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Anderson Grave at Rosslyn Graveyard
Nigel Anderson
I can see the name Jane Anderson on this headstone, however I cannot make out the rest. Are there perhaps more names listed? Such as Jane's husband's name?
Marilyn Macrae
there is a John under Jane's information but I can't make out any of the information besides that.. My grandmother was Jane Underwood Anderson b Glasgow lived and died in Ayr
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Nadine Lee
Another traditional clan home is up for sale - this time it's Candacraig in Aberdeenshire, once home to the Andersons. It's currently home to comedian great Billy Connolly. The real estate brochure ca...
Sally Gift
Hi All, my grandparents were Anderson on my mom's side of the family, though tracing family roots I've found myself in Scottland, though I've only been able to get back to 1832 and Edinburg so far. Mu...
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Roger K Anderson
Welcome to the site Sally! We more members of Anderson lineage.
Roger K Anderson
Modeling my new kilt March 2012
Clan Anderson
By M A Anderson. Excellent book on the Andersons!
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