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How much do you know about Scotland?

April 17, 2013 by
How much do you know about Scotland?

Lighthearted quiz about Scottish Things

1. What would you do with a spurtle?
2. Of what is Edradour the smallest of in Scotland?
3. Rothesay is the main town of what island?
4. Leanach farm house can be seen on which battlefield?
5. What is the deepest loch in Scotland
6. Which Scottish city is known for it's jute, jam and journalism
7. Bonnie Prince Charlie was originally from which country?
8. What breed of dog was Greyfriers Bobby?
9. What is Edinburgh Castle built on?
10. How many counties are there in Scotland?
Chas Mac Donald
Ah, well, you see, I have a mini iPad now ... himself has the od one which is full size. Honestly, it's like going from a jotter to a bleeding testament tablet it feels that big!
Pauline Campbell
Oh well...6/10 is not too bad for an Aussie I suppose, and I did not cheat this time either, although I must admit one was a guess.
Gladys Cattanach Gilbert
Well now I know something I didn't know before taking this quiz!
Gladys Cattanach Gilbert
Nine out of ten isn't too bad for a Cailleach who has long been out of school!
Amanda Moffet
Go Gladys! and you even got question 10 right!
Amanda Moffet
Wow we have a winner - well done Ian (Good guess!)
Barbara Valenti
Well, I could give all kinds of excuses as to why I answered wrong on most, but I won't! At least I now know more than I thought I did and I'll keep on reading to improve.
Evelyn Mercer
That would be so perfect: I *wish* Edinburgh Castle were built on an underground carpark...
Marilyn Sloper
3/10 isn't bad for an American who guessed at everything. first I thought it sounded "hard" enough to hit a child with. But thought it might go well on my head I went with that. Maybe for Halloween...LOL.
Deb Logan Nixon
Learning something new every day!!
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