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The Scottish History Quiz

April 14, 2013 by
The Scottish History Quiz

Heres a short quiz on Scotland's history.

1. In AD 793 Lindisfarne was destroyed by
2. In 1295 Scotland began an alliance with
3. the 2nd Earl of Douglas won this battle but died in the process
4. James III died at Sauchieburn but who was alleged to have finished him off?
5. Mary Queen of Scots inherited the throne at which age?
6. "I shall go from a corruptible to an incorruptible Crown" were the last words of
7. This Jacobite Victory is famous for a redcoats leap
8. The Jacobite Rising on 1719 was known as
9. A merchant's son born in Greenock in 1719 is linked to which invention?
10. Completed in 1890 its known as 'Scotland's Eiffel Tower'
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Marilyn Sloper
Sheesh....guess back to school I go. Got every one WRONG. :-( Ah well. coulda been worse. At least I found the page the quiz was on. Gotta be at least one point for that.
Sharon Des Landes
Don't worry I only got 5 right lol
tony carroll
Guessed a couple, but did a lot better than I thought I would .9 out of 10 good job I read a lot of history ha ha.
Liz Doyle
I got eight right. I should have gotten the one about Charles I, but messed it up.
Liz Doyle
Good going, Dawna.
tony carroll
Hi Dawna missed you earlier I was out at a birthday party and I didn't get home till quite late.
Deb Logan Nixon
I hate when I rush through and being distracted!!! I bombed this one.
Stirling Thompson
Eight out of ten... could have been worse.
Deb Logan Nixon
Very good Stirling!!
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