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would we be better out of europe and out of Britian? only valid answers no time wasters please

May 26, 2016 by
Brennen Darrell Hope
We are def better to-gether me mate!
Brennen Darrell Hope
Scotland is part of Great Britain, soo is Canada being part of thee British Commonwealth, unlike America as they are a republic!
Amanda Moffet
Bit confusing. I don't think we can leave Britain Think you mean the UK.
We would 'currently' be better off out of the UK and stay in Europe. Unless the system completely changes within the UK.
Brennen Darrell Hope
Thee UK is better to-gether rather then split-up! Europe needs UK more then ever, especially in regards tae terrorist threats & financial stability actually fact indee!
Brennen Darrell Hope
Thee UK nae need eastern Europe or failing economies like Greece! Bail-outs are over even thee World Bank is fed-up! Proud that thee British Commonwealth of Canada remains loyal tae thee Queen! We are very fortunate indee on tis side of thee pond!
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