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August 11, 2015 by
Say something about this photo...
Deb Logan Nixon
I'm your friend!!!
Glenna Davidson Brock
Cool! Can never have to many of those!
Deb Logan Nixon
I'm not THAT crazy! hahahahaha
Glenna Davidson Brock
Ah come on! Where's your sense of adventure?
Diane Cupp
I have the truck and love road
Glenna Davidson Brock
I'm ready! I love an adventure!!)
Deb Logan Nixon
I'm ALWAYS ready for an adventure....I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane! Guess I am a bit crazy!
Glenna Davidson Brock
That's on my bucket list of I'm not struck by a sudden case of sanity!
Stirling Thompson
Looks like Thelma & Louise going off the cliff into the Grand Canyon!
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