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March 2, 2013 by
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Lynn McAlister
Depends a lot on how you define the word 'Scot', of course.
Amanda Moffet
Lynn McAlister
In my experience, people born or raised in Scotland define it differently than those whose ancestors originated there, and perhaps differently again from those who know only romanticised history read in novels and seen on the silver screen. Is it a nationality, an ethnic background, or a mindset? An...
Chas Mac Donald
People do entire PhDs on identity. It's a massive subject, and one I think might need a little raising in the coming years with regard to 'Scot'.
Lynn McAlister
So there you go. Tartan Footprint can start offering its own PhD programme!
Chas Mac Donald
Haha, bit of a way to go yet. But then, TF is but a few days old yet, and still has produced more useful information for the diaspora than many things I could mention. TELL YOR FRIENDS :D
Amanda Moffet
I did have an idea a while ago that the work we were doing felt like it would have made a great PHD.

The need for heritage when you live in a place that is relatively 'new' like America and Australia. Well by 'new' I mean a person's ancestors only go back a few generations.

I live in Edinburgh - yo...
Chas Mac Donald
Well done the bikers! Living history, not aspicised Scotland. Amanda, read Neil Ferguson who was one of the most impressive writers on the identity thing, especially with the maintenance of language, in immigrant communities. He suggests that maintaining cultural markers as an immigrant is a for, of...
Amanda Moffet
Will definately take a look at Neil Ferguson.
Definately a saddo ;-)
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