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Eric Bieghler
Anyone use this site anymore?
Eric Bieghler
I am just outside of Vegas and I do not get over to the east coast very often. We have a very successful Highland Games here every spring, however Clan MacIntyre is never represented
Marilyn Sloper
That's a shame that no one from Clan MacIntyre is in your area. Or, if they are, that they are too busy to attend. Gotta stop and smell the roses sometime.
Owen Wright
Glad to be a part of the MacIntyre Clan. My people left the shadow of Ben Cruachan and green fields of Glen Noe in 1801.
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Thomas Gray
The Grays came over from Paisley about 1830
Sgt.Ronald W.Fox II U.S.A
Hello Owen---Lots Of (GILLIS)-(MACPHERSON)Clan In Canada Too.
Dianne Ancill
Euphemia McIntyre born in 1789 Campbeltown, Argyll is my great, great, great, great grandmother, Euphemia's son Daniel McKerral born in 1831 Campbeltown, Argyll is my great, great, great grandfather, ...
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