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Matthew Young
Planning on visiting Scotland in a few months. Will be mostly in the Edinburgh area, but will have access to a rental car. I was always told that the Young clan was largely a Scottish border clan. ...
Warwick Young
I'm the 1st generation to be born in South Africa from my father's side. I don't know much about him except I was brought up on the stories of the Youngs, their deeds and misdeeds (Hehehe). I do know ...
Haley Anne Bechler
All I know about the Young family is they settled in Illinois in the late 19th century sometime. They did settle there from Ireland but further research by my father concluded that at some point in t...
  and  like this.
Glenna McNeil Durand
My great grandmother was a Young (Margaret Kilpatrick Young) and she married a McNeil. My great, great grandparents were born in Scotland, immigrated to Indiana, where my great grandmother was born and then moved back to Scotland. The family was originally from Kilsyth (between Glasgow and Stirlin...
Amanda Moffet
Shame there wasn't a Clan Young tent at Grandfather Mountain this year. Had quite a few people discovering they were Clan Young over at our ScotClans tent.
Tracy William Young
This looks like the place I need to be...
Stuart Graham Young
Tracy William Young. Are you a signed up member of Clan Young? Would you like to be?
Stuart Graham Young
Stuart Graham Young
Clan Young will be at Bannockburn Live at Stirling 28th-30th June 2014 in the Clan Village. We also have a place in the PipeFest March from the Castle on Friday 27th at 6.30pm (Gather at the Castle at...
Brian Young
hi stuart I have joined up on here too
Stuart Graham Young
Good stuff Brian, it looks like a good alternative way of communicating with the Clan and so I am trying to encourage members to join.
Brian Young
Stuart Graham Young
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