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STORY OF THE THOMPSONS PART 4 16mins-Desktop.m4v


DURATION: 16 minutes
In part Four of this video series Jim Thompson explains how he has traced his g...

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Stirling Thompson
I've been out of touch for awhile so I just saw this post. It was quite interesting until I got to the MacTavish BS there at the end. There is NO connection to clan MacTavish and their chief is NOT the Thompson chief (we don't have one).
Stirling Thompson
OK. I watched all four videos and really all I can say is that these poor folks have drunk the MacTavish kool aid. They have spouted the BS that MacTavish have put up on their website without bothering to verify the facts. MacTavish was never a powerful clan, the Dunardry MacTavishes did NOT fight a...
Amanda Moffet
Thanks for clarifying
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