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Jack Daniel Taylor
I am trying to track my ancestry back to Scotland. Does anyone have any information related to the Taylors from Cheshire, England Area.

Robert Taylor
B: Circa 1480 (1498) in Clatterwich Cheshire Eng...
Clan Taylor
Donald Cameron (born c. 1550), also known as Black Taylor of the Axe (Scottish Gaelic: Taillear Dubh na Tuaighe), who lived in the Scottish Highlands during the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, was an i...
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Melissa Taylor Cohen
Hi everyone,
This posting gives me goosebumps as I am born a Taylor and our Clan is affiliated with Clan Cameron. I was previously married to a Cameron (before I ever knew of this connection) from which my son Mathew was born... Talk about keeping it in the
Ian Anthony Taylor
Just for all those lucky bastards who have been able to have met a TAYLOR Smile
Ian Anthony Taylor
oops sorry I posted this earlier on the wrong page...

Origins of the clan
The surname Tailyour is derived from the French tailler which means to cut.
In Latin it is rendered as cissor.In around 1137 Wal...
Ian Anthony Taylor
hello all my fellow clans men, (and Ladies)I am new to this site.
Theresa McCarten Sisk
I'm new to this site. My g.g.grandfather was named Tayler and emigrated to the US after "some upheaval in Scotland", according to my grandmother (I would guess the Highland clearances). He told her ...
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Taylor grave at Carlenrigg Cemetry
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