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Amanda Moffet
Congratulation to Clan Strachan for their appointment of a new Chief after 186 years!, this is from their press release:
" The Court of the Lord Lyon, supreme heraldic authority in Scotland, has appoi...
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An old postcard of Thornton Castle, the last seat of the Strachan clan.
Sgt.Ronald W.Fox II U.S.A
Wow--Nice Castle Photo
Terry Shepherd
Great old picture
Tartan Footprint
There will be a 2014 Strachan Clan Gathering on the 11th of April at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh. For more information check out the Clan Strachan Society website, linked below.
Clan Strachan
Near Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire. An altered L-plan tower house, part of which may date from the fourteenth century. the property was held by the Thorntons but passed by marriage to the Strachans...
Tartan Footprint
near Stonehaven, Kincardineshire; mansion incorporating part of a castle. Held by the Strachans, but passed by marriage to the Keith Earls of Marischal in the fourteenth century and they built the ca...
Beverley Wintjes
So proud to be part of this Clan, through my mother who is was born in Milton....a Strachan.
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