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Scottish Sports Quiz

January 11, 2016 by

How much do you know about Scotland's sports and sports stars?

1. Eve Muirhead skippered Scotland and Great Britain in which sport?
2. Which Scotland footballer scored a wonder goal against France in Paris in the euro qualifiers in 2007
3. Which Scotland Rugby player is the only player with a 100% Kicking rate in a rugby world cup?
4. Which team beat Hibernian 5-1 in the 2012 Scottish Cup final
5. Who was the first British manager to win the european cup with a British club in 1967
6. Who were the latest pair of brothers to represent Scotland at Rugby Union
7. Which Scottish Formula one driver has the most championship wins?
8. Which Scottish Tennis player, mostly known for singles tennis, also competed with his brother in the doubles tournaments
9. Which Scottish Golfer captained the 2002 Ryder cup team
10. Scotland have qualified for the second round in every Rugby world cup except one, which one?
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