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Scottish Music Quiz

January 4, 2016 by

Test your knowledge of Scottish Music

1. Which Scottish band released their 14th and final studio album in Jan 2016?
2. Which Scottish singer, planned to release an album with Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger called "Hair, nose and teeth"?
3. Which Scottish singer was born Marie McDonald McLaughlin?
4. Which Scottish band had hits with "500 miles" and "letter from America"
5. Which Scottish band, had the official Scotland Football teams single for the Euro 96 championships called "Don't come home too soon"
6. Which Scottish singer found fame with 80's neo prog group Marillion?
7. This Scottish band had one of their songs covered by Kiss for the film "Bill and Ted's bogus journey
8. This former Orange juice singer had a solo hit with "A girl like you"
9. Fran Healy fronts this Scottish Indie band
10. Which Scottish football anthem featured John Gordon Sinclair on vocals?
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Angela McKay
didna do too well.... :-/ truth told, had to venture guesses on all of them but the first question.... whew it was a difficult quiz!
william johnstone
Just got the one wrong and wouldn't have known it anyways
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