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Edinburgh Quiz

January 4, 2016 by

A quiz about everyones favourite capital city

1. Which Edinburgh Football team plays its game at Tynecastle park?
2. Which actor started life as an Edinburgh milkman?
3. Why is it tradition to spit on the heart of midlothian?
4. JK Rowling used which the names from graves in which graveyard for her characters in Harry Potter?
5. Which author from Edinburgh wrote Trainspotting
6. Which Edinburgh born Singer, had lyrics to his most famous hit song, set in stone at the market square in Galashiels
7. What is Edinburgh's nickname?
8. At what time each day does the cannon in Edinburgh castle fire?
9. Burke and Hare, the body snatchers, used which feature of Edinburgh to hide some of their murder victims?
10. Which Hill that overlooks Edinburgh, is said to be one of the possible locations of Camelot, King Arthurs legendary castle?
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