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Reasons to come your best wee home in the world

April 21, 2013 by

A sideways look at reasons to come home

1. Which national sport is the most pointless, most fun, and has most whisky at day's end?
2. Highland hospitality is well known because
3. A visit to Edinburgh is a visit Scotland because Edinburgh is full of
4. A kilt should only be worn on which occassion?
5. Which sort of mail did Rob Roy practice
6. Which looks best to a Highland lassie
7. Glasgow thinks Edinburgh has
8. Edinburgheronians think Glasgow has
9. The Forth crossing is being replaced so that
10. Inverness is best known for
  and  like this.
Amanda Moffet
Ha Ha - best quiz ever!!!!! Rodger only got 10% - Brilliant!
Chas Mac Donald
00-20% - Go to Cowlairs
20-40% - Go to the Waverly Stairs
40-70% - Best to go around in pairs
70-90% - You live on Raining's Stairs
100% - Go to Carstairs, go directly to Carstairs, do not pass the mustard, wait there for a Get Out of Armadale Free card
Chas Mac Donald
Rodger just went up in my estimation :D
Amanda Moffet
Cheeky ;-)
Chas Mac Donald
Well, put it like this ... if you get more than one of those right, you have some serious issue, lol ... he sems to be the sanest of the lot, so far!
Tartan Footprint
Probably cos I grew up in Armadale, though to be fair it wasn't the nice one.
Marilyn Sloper
I got 4 right. (Not the kilt one, though.) Have no idea what "monk under silt" is. Went with the "junk" instead. Does the monk get buried at the mouth of a river?
Deb Logan Nixon
Guess I have a dirty mind hahahaha. I went "junk" too!
Brielle Doshier
honestly, I have no idea what any of this means. Better start studying up on my Scottish knowledge!!
Angela McKay
cute....even though I apparently demonstrated I don't know a anything about Scotland....
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