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Sporting Quiz

April 16, 2013 by
Sporting Quiz

Here is a little quiz on Scotland's sporting connections

1. A love of which sport led to King James I undoing?
2. The late Chief of Clan MacNab won an Olympic gold in which sport
3. Scottish Footballer Dennis Law signed for Manchester United in 1962 and set a British transfer fee record was it:
4. The Current Marquis of Bute is well known for which sport?
5. Which Scottish golfer won the US masters in 1988?
6. Which Scottish football team had the world's first dugouts?
7. Scotland won the rugby grand slam in which year?
8. At what weight did Ken Buchanan win his world titles
9. In 1457 Golf and Football were banned by James II because it interfered with:
10. This sport is known as 'The Roaring Game'
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Amanda Moffet
Ooooo I did better than I thought I would
Amanda Moffet
Andy - 20%, now that's impressive!
Chas Mac Donald
Damn! I got more right than I hoped. That's what I get for using intelligence on guesses! Sport should be wrapped up in a ball and given to the cognoscenti to go and start their own country with, with no broadcasts allowed. Unless it's the Calcutta Cup of course abd we have fifteen brick outhouses r...
Andrew Moore
Don't know enough about this topic to even venture a guess.
Marilyn Sloper
I guessed at ALL of them - and got 4 right! Gonna celebrate with a beer! (Well, it IS a reason to have a beer, right?)
Lisa Bumgarner
Oh dear. I need to study up..
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