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Historical Scottish figures

January 11, 2016 by

Think you know your Wallace from your Bonnie Prince Charlie? test yourself and see

1. Which Scottish noble died from the injuries he sustained at the battle of Stirling bridge?
2. Which Scottish bishop, renowned for being the leading figure behind the declaration of Arbroath, ex communicated Robert the Bruce, then forgave him after he killed his rival to the throne?
3. Which Scottish King was nicknamed "Toom Tabard" (or empty shirt in english) as he was mostly absent from his reign?
4. Which minor Scottish noble flayed the skin from the English lord, Hugh De Cressingham and had it made into a belt for his sword?
5. Which Scottish Lord, Lieutenant to Robert the Bruce, carried his heart to the crusades, and after being killed, was honoured and buried by Salahadin himself for his bravery?
6. Who was the first king to be titled "Ri Alban" (king of Scots)
7. Who brought back Robert the Bruces heart from the crusades, and buried it at Melrose abbey?
8. Which Scottish King-elect, does the Skye boat song refer to?
9. Which Scottish king Was Born in Essex?
10. Which Monarch of Scotland came to the throne at just 3 years of age?
Liz Doyle
I've seen the signs at the town of Lochmaben, declaring itself the birthplace of Robert The Bruce, and I have heard of the theory that he was born at Turnberry, his mother's castle, but I have never heard that he was born in Essex. Please explain?
Tam Kinnear-Swift
he was born in Writtle, in Essex on the family estate, as his father was before him. his younger brothers however, were born in Lochamben
Brennen Darrell Hope
Re. tis quiz ..Tam & Liz .. Robert the Bruce was nae born in Lochmaben, nor was he born in Essex which is dubious tae sae thee leest! He was actually born at Turnberry Castle, it was his father who was born in Essex based on me detail knowledge & historical facts! Next silly thingie I'll heer on her...
Liz Doyle
Bren, as unusual as that is, I agree with you. ;-). Turnberry is the most logical place. I mentioned Loachmaben because they have a plaque proclaiming to be his birth place. His father was born in Writtle, I think that is what caused the mix up.
Brennen Darrell Hope
oh bye thee wee wae thee two of yez huv sum spelling errors me see .. nae Loachmaben Liz, nor Lochamben Tam .. thee toon is spell correctly Lochmaben! yer Teacher, Bren .. lol
Brennen Darrell Hope
let me tell ye sumthingie (me queen Mum sae tis aft wat me sae).. me guid loyal son clansman big bod heid Brennie boy & wee westie guard duggie Bentley tell thee truefth he does all thee tyme & rightie aye!!! hee hee
Liz Doyle
Come on Bren, we know how to spell Lochmaben. Just didn't pay attention to the fact that fingers sometimes have a mind of their own. LOL
Liz Doyle
Tam. I found what you referred to in Wiki, but I think it is somebody's theory and no more proven than the others. I found something in the Lincluden Chronicles in the library at Castle Douglas that throws a very different light on his mother. Somehow I cannot see the lady in England. But I may have...
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