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The Clan Quiz

April 14, 2013 by
The Clan Quiz

How well do you know your clans, see how well you score.

1. This 'Royal Race' are known as the 'Children of the Mist'
2. This clan with Norman origins have connections with a church made famous in The Davinci Code
3. The Morrison chiefs were hereditary judges of which island?
4. The Lord Torphichen is chief of this clan
5. This Clan has connections with Kilmarnock, their motto is 'Confido'
6. The MacQuarrie Clan were based on which small island
7. This clan from Arrocher has a 'savage' crest
8. The motto of clan Barclay translates as
9. How did Major Thomas Weir meet his end
10. The Earl of Buchan was also known as
Bette Ellis
All red herrings for me! Some I knew right off (all of 3), the others were purely poor guesswork.
Tartan Footprint
Well done Julia! first person I think that got Q6 right. tied at the top!
Michael Munro
Well 6 out of 10 without cheating is not bad!
Chas Mac Donald
Oh my giddy aunt! Who dreamt up the questions? Somebody who's been not well enough cccupied for two weeks methinks! And did he use google to select the questions? Some double standards methinks also. Unfortunately, even if I'd got double points I'd still have been fairly rubbish!
Pauline Campbell
10 out of 10... wow...thank you Google
Tartan Footprint
Chas, all the answers can be found on the clan group info pages of this site
Roger K Anderson
Ah...tis so easy when you have Wikipedia at your fingertips (devilish grin)
Amanda Moffet
That's so naughty Roger!
Evelyn Mercer
40% (?)(!) ...does that make me a bad Scot?
If not, my un-wily honesty in using only the data stored within my skull probably does (ruefully grinning wink).
Marilyn Sloper
I got one! I got one! Thanks to romance novels I knew about Clan MacGregor! (Thank you, Harlequin).
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