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Scottish Poetry
The poem below is by Robin Laing.

Smokey the Cat

Smokey the cat came from nowhere;
Just whisped in under some door;
Sniffed quietly around
And knew that she'd found
The best place to stay in Bowmore.

She'd a...
Scottish Poetry
The Fairy Dance

The poem below is by Carolina Eliza Scott (1777-1853), better known by her married name of Mrs G. G. Richardson. She was born at Forge in the parish of Canonbie near Langholm in Dum...
Scottish Poetry
This song, "The Collier Laddie", is believed to be one of the oldest songs in Fife.

The Collier Laddie

I've travelled east and I've travelled west,
And I hae been tae Kirkcaldy;
But the bonniest lass tha...
Scottish Poetry
Can ye nae feel it in yer blood...

THE RAIDERS by Will H. Ogilvie

Last night a wind from Lammermoor came roaring up the glen
With the tramp of trooping horses and the laugh of reckless men
And struck a ma...
Scottish Poetry
The Ragman - David Reilly

1. He gave you fair warning whenever he came

though the tune he played was never the same

in a neighbouring street a bugler played

and it wasn’t the lifeboys or boys brigade

all ...
Scottish Poetry
From Best Scottish Poems of 2007

The Big Mistake by Jim Carruth

The Big Mistake

the shepherd on the train told me

is to clip hill milking ewes too soon

I put my ...
Scottish Poetry

by Scott Martin

The year was 1941, my father told me,
And by moonlight, as he ploughed the field,
Plough and harness a dull grey silver
The dark clouds parted, and revealed
Nazi bombers, bound for...
Scottish Poetry
The Piper by Robert Louis Stevenson
AGAIN I hear you piping, for I know the tune so well, -
You rouse the heart to wander and be free,
Tho' where you learned your music, not the God of song can tell,
For ...
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Scottish Poetry
Fareweel, ye bughts by James Thomson

1. Fareweel, ye bughts, an' all your ewes,
An' fields whare bloomin' heather grows;
Nae mair the sportin' lambs I'll see
Since my true love's forsaken me.

Nae ma...
Scottish Poetry
Come ferry me o'er to Charlie By John Milne

Come ferry me o'er, come ferry me o'er
Come ferry me o'er to Charlie;
I'll gie John Ross anither bawbee
To ferry me o'er to Charlie.

Though Cumberland is marchi...
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