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Ron Ferguson
Greetings . My Grand mother on my Father's side was Jean Kenyon MacGregor (then Ferguson). She came from Glasgow and emigrated to Edmonton Canada early in the 20th century (sory but I don't...
Neville "Wayne" McGregor
G'day from the Land of the Long White Cloud, (New Zealand). I'm Wayne McGregor and de facto leader of the Emovel (McGregor of Lincoln) Clan. As far as I've been able to trace we're from Perthshire (Co...
  and  like this.
Neville "Wayne" McGregor
Yup Owen. Neu Ville or New Town. (Ah s'pose in the States could be related to Newton or some such.) Used primarily as a first name in England - and after what the English did to MY CLAN, (ie Proscription of the Name for near enough 150 years) I have an historic detestation of all things English, exc...
Owen Wright
At least you held on to the original form (spelling) of your family name. My family name was Anglicized under British authority during the transition to the Colonies. "McIntyre" in Scotland...."Wright" on the shores of the Virginia Colony. Ahhhh...History ;-)
Nadine Lee
Are you looking for MacGregor documents? Then you'll need to get yourself down to the National Library of Scotland. The library has listed three boxes of papers relating to the clan that were donated ...
Amanda Moffet
Hi - wonder if you can help - is there a Clan Gregor visitor centre? Am trying to compile a list.
thank you
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