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Michael James McColl
Josh to koow the McColl's first you need to find out which group, The McColls from Lock Fyne or the McColls from up north that followed the Stewart's of Appin I've seen old documents from the1800sthat...
Josh McCall
I'm currently working on an epic poem describing the events surrounding the battle of Glen Fruin, and its implications for the MacColls, leading up to our ruin at the hands of the MacPhersons on the s...
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Nadine Lee
Hi Josh - what an interesting project! I will keep my eyes peeled for any information for you. But you're right I just did a quick search and there's not much online apart from what's available on Electric Would love to read it when it's completed.
Clan MacColl
Evan McColl the Gaelic poet who was born at Kenmore on Loch Fyne in 1808. He was the author of the "The Mountain Minstrel" or in Gaelic "Clarsach nam Beann".
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Tartan Footprint
Hi. I've created a crest for MacColl based on an image I found (different from McCall of Daldowie) I'm not 100% on the colours of the crescent and estoile (star) if anyone knows what these should be l...
Amanda Moffet
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