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Stanley Robert Irvin
My wife and I have been researching our ancestors thru I am 62% Great Britton. Information to date points to Scottish ancestry. I would like very much to connect with the Irvine group un...
daniel spencer
On my mothers side, my great grandfather was Irish and Great Grandmother was Scottish. My great grandmothers last name was Irvine. She took the name an Irish name after being married. My grandmother ...
Lee Pattinson
I also know I have relatives in New Zealand as I went over there in Nov. 2011 to meet up with them on my cousins 80th. We all wore our clans sashes and it was very exciting. It's so nice to find out y...
Nadine Lee
Here's an update on my Drum Castle story from a few months back. Archaeologists have discovered a secret medieval chamber and an ancient loo during conservation work currently taking place at the cast...
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Lee Pattinson
Hi All,

I live in Australia and my Grandmother was an Irvine (Irving) married a Storm and came to Australia in 1926.I believe they were the only ones on both sides that came here.
Clan Irvine
Amanda Moffet
Good news for Clan Irvine! Well and for Scotland:
Greg Irvine
Hello all, I live in Boston, USA. My grandfather Daniel Irvine settled here in 1925 from Glasgow Scotland where he was born and raised. Just found this page and I am very excited to be part of it! The...
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Clan Irvine in The Clan Parade, the Gathering
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