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Steve Huntley
Greetings from a Huntley of Clan Gordon in Maine,USA!
Amanda Moffet
Was hanging out with Clan Gordon at Grandfather Mountain - now there's a fun bunch. They all camp in Gordonville and must be the most colourful Clan of the games. Amazing Clan Society - they do so much good work.
Amanda Moffet
Clan Gordon at Grandfather Mountain. They held a 'pot luck' on Saturday night where they smoked a whole pig in a make -shift smoker called Angus. Their camping area was called 'Gordon's Ville' and w...
Nadine Lee
Here's the latest clan profile published in The Scotsman - this time its those famous highlanders, the Gordons.
Nadine Lee
Apparently the figure in Scottish history who I am most alike is Jane Duchess of Gordon, who was married to Alexander Gordon chief of the Gordons in the 18th century. It was reported that as a child s...
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Chas Mac Donald
Gordons. Gordons. Bloody Gordons. Everywhere I go, it's Gordons this, and Gordons that and Gordons stretched into a Bodhran. Next thing we know, we'll have virgins aw ower the ruddy place,

(inside joke, ppl!)
Chas Mac Donald
OMGiddy aunt, and then I go and look at the event listings, and whadayaknow ... Virginia Games
Wayne Laurence
Hello from the House of Gordon New Zealand
Amanda Moffet
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Clan Gordon
Near Newton Stewart, Galloway. Held by the Bishops of Galloway, but assed to the Gordons, who held Penninghame in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Penninghame House as later used as an open...
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