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Tartan Footprint helps you connect and share with Scottish people in your life.

FAQ Page

Hi all!
I'm currently working on a frequently asked questions page, and I'd love to hear any feedback about Tartan Footprint.
Have you had any problems with the site, or perhaps you can't work out how to do something, for example upload a picture or video, or create a page or group?

Any comment would be a great help.


The areas I've found people have been needing assistance with, and some I think we should add:

  • uploading a profile photo
  • Difference between a group and a page.  Getting help with this if you are doing it on behalf of a society or group.  Closed groups, open groups.
  • Becoming the owner of an existing group
  • uploading photos from iPhone/iPad - what you currently have to do before we sort out the problems.
  • uploading photos and organising them in albums.  Why won't my photo upload?
  • creating a document, editing, sharing, emailing
  • inviting others to join tartan footprint
  • adding an event and editing an existing one
  • adding a video
  • adding music (has to be an mp3)
  • promoting tartan footprint - download banners
  • blogs
  • forum
  • privacy - what are the default settings - how do you change these.  Currently your profile is by default private - so google won't pick it up.
  • members map - why does it put me in the wrong location?
  • points? what is this.
  • feeds - your profile page, editing what feeds you see.

that's it for now




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