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Amanda Moffet
TM Elliott
When is the next Clan reunion?
Tracy Dawn Elliott
My great-granddad (old John) spelled his surname Elliot---with just one T. My granddaddy started spelling it Elliott---two T's---after a grave unpleasantness occurred that would spur just about anyone...
Tracy Dawn Elliott
Oh! Thank you for your attention and help. Tracy D. E.
Cat Elliott
My grandfather supposedly came from scotland he spelled elliott one T as a T the other as a cross when the family excepted Christianity. Though I cant be sure hope this helps some; there seems to be so many storys told. Now I have also heard we were sent to england that is when we took 2 t's or soon...
Elaine Elliott
Happy to find you, now if only I can get my profile pic to upload!
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Cathy Tyrrell
Happy to have found this site.
Clan Elliot
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