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Marlene (Craig) Pirfo
Hello fellow Craigs! I am the daughter of Francis W. Craig. I am able to trace my ancestry back to Robert Craig (1696-1739) from County Antrim, Northern Ireland. My family tree and DNA are on Ancestry...
Tracy Craig
My name is Tracy Craig and I am a direct father to son descendant of Sir Thomas Craig of Riccarton but according to all the Clan Craig histories I come across says the last direct descendant died in 1...
Mary Johnson
I believe I am of the same ancestry. My grandmother was a Craig and through research it seems I am connected to Sir Thomas Craig through William Alexander Craig died in Virginia, his son Robert Thomas Craig wife is confusing as it could be Susannah Cockrell or Grizzel Crawford? Then onto their son W...
Mary Johnson
Tracy, it would probably work best to get the official birth, marriage, and death records of each direct descendant from each generation connecting yourself and Sir Thomas Craig and presenting it in a n official format to the Lord of Lyons in charge of registered clans of Scotland. You could probabl...
Barbara Craig
HI I am Barb Craig and my ancestry is Scottish via Ireland to Pa to me. I have had troubles tracking before Ireland. Ancestry has my DNA.
Liz Doyle
Welcome, Barbara.
Barbara Craig
Thank you. Ican dig out my ancestry. I know I come from landed gentry so to speak.
Michelle Craig Snively
I was raised in what I've come to find out in a traditional Scottish culture: spare the rod, spoil the child and if there is daylight you best be working. LOL
Researching my family has revealed it was...
  and  like this.
Karyn McCarty
I am looking to connect with anyone from the Clan Craig. My Great Grandmother was a Craig. I am hoping to learn all that I can about the Clan and would love to make new friends and hope that I get to Scotland someday. I have a copy of names of my ancestors that will help me in the quest to learn mo...
Yvonne E. Craig
Hi Michelle...if there's some more that you know. I just have this sneaking feeling, something about your name seems familiar? Maybe we might have a common ancestor...idk anything about my Craig lineage. Wish I did...I know a little about my Grandmother's ancestors ascent to Canada through the US et...
Yvonne E. Craig
Yvonne E. Craig
This is me at home :D
Yvonne E. Craig
HI. I'm new to this...I live in Leamington, Ontario, Canada & I'm a Craig by birth. My grandfather was William Wallace Craig. He married a woman named Muriel "Becky" Hutchins. It turns out that I rece...
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