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Amanda Hammond
Hello my name is Amanda I live in Maine USA and my Great Grandmother was Alice Melvina McConnell this is my dads moms family and on my grandfathes side 3-4 generations back Joshua Graves married Kathe...
Prentis Lee Wiley
Born in America, son of immigrants, have found that my wiley"Wylie" is clan Gun and would like to learn as much as i can about my heritage. where in Scotland is the larges concentration of the Clan an...
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Liz Doyle
The biggest concentration of Gunns hails from the Northwest of Scotland. Caithness and Sutherland. I remember visiting the Clan Gunn Heritage Center years ago on the way to Wick. It is in an old church next to a graveyard, where at least every second name on the grave stones was Gunn.
Council of Scottish Clans
ATTENTION SCOTTISH DIASPORA: Here is your chance to contribute to the best Scottish Diaspora blog out there!
Are you a Scot living abroad with an interest in your Scottish roots? Or do you live in Scot...
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John McMillan
I live in the highlands and am very proud and privileged to be born a SCOT
I live in new zealand, I was born in Ellon and grew up in Arran, I am also proud to be born scots and hold scotland very close to my heart
John McMillan
hullo just clicked on to the link and your right i hope we get more people on here oh forgot my name is John McMillan by the way
Council of Scottish Clans
April 16, 1746 The Battle of Culloden. Our thoughts are on the battle of Culloden this Sunday morning. Another anniversary will pass on April 16th. Culloden is facing some challenging times and COSCA ...
Maree Ishbel Macpherson
Why??????????????? This must stay at Colloden
John McMillan
I went to see that exhibition it was brilliant
Jennifer McDonell
Hello~! My name is Jennifer McDonell, I live in St. Louis, MO. My cousin completed a several years long family history which brings us to the MACDONNELL CLAN OF GLENGARRY, SCOTLAND. They sailing to ...
William Livingston
Hello, I am looking for information regarding the Learmonth clan. My ancestors moved here to Canada, I'm assuming, during the highland clearances. Any information on the Scottish branch or allied clan...
Sir.Randall Paul Haffley
yer , Our Scot Heritage tis An-alainn & Precious, ye canny forget or neglect ta House de children, House sin they may learn & Gr'a de Life & heritage, seo is how T'u & we all continue..
Go raibh maith...
Stephen McKeand
Trying to find out more about McKeand's. G/Grandmother from Coatbridge & family history shows Wigtown as birthplace of Adam McKeand 1st in America.
Chas Mac Donald
McKeands are usually Clan Donald of Glencoe. They could easily have moved south in the clearances, and departed from there.
There's a Facebook group called where you can usually find more

Alternatively, check out the Glasgow and West of Scotland Fa...
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