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Nadine Lee
‘Outlander’ Set For The Small Screen
With over 20 million copies sold, Diana Gabaldon’s hugely successful series of novels set in the Highlands has been greenlit for televison. Outlander centres around a love story between an 18th Cent...
Nadine Lee
The Clans of Ireland
Clan Map of Ireland, 1485 This time tomorrow I'll be jet-setting across the ditch to Ireland for a quick break with my wee brother who is currently visiting me in Edinburgh. We'll be spending some ...
Amanda Moffet
The Blue Men from The Sound of Shiants
I have just returned from a trip to Lewis and came across this wonderful story. It is from the Shiant islands (meaning the holy or enchanted islands). The Shiant Islands lie four miles or so off th...
john thomson barn
musings of a simple man
watching the news of all the conflicts in the world.made me think of a couple of incidents in my past. 1st. I was on holiday in Washington dc.last year and visited the Arlington cemetery .I was take...
Nadine Lee
For Sale: Two Castles, TLC Required
Lordscairnie Castle – situated on the outskirts of Fife near Moonzie – was built between 1493 and 1498 by Sir Alexander Lindsay, seventh Earl of Crawford. The forlorn ruins are being sold for around £...