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Amanda Moffet
The Blue Men from The Sound of Shiants
I have just returned from a trip to Lewis and came across this wonderful story. It is from the Shiant islands (meaning the holy or enchanted islands). The Shiant Islands lie four miles or so off th...
Amanda Moffet
A Beginner's Guide To The Jacobites
Let me start off this post with a caveat. If you are a serious scholar or indeed if you have ever read a book or even paid attention during a documentary about the Jacobite rebellionsthen best to move...
Topics: Jacobite
Amanda Moffet
Unloved boy's grave gets Guardian Angels
Today a lovely pink envelope dropped through our letter box at the ScotClans office, always like pink envelopes - bills don't tend to be in them. Inside was a thank you card, a newspaper cutting an...
Topics: MacNaughton
Amanda Moffet
The Red Wedding and the Dwarf Assassin. Not 'Game of Th...
With a new season of Game of Thrones on TV screens avid fans will be enthralled at the twists and turns of this epic tale. However as I recently discovered while staying on Islay, the inspiration behi...
Amanda Moffet
Titanic's secret saviour - the Countess of Rothes
On the night that the Titanic sank, one woman, the Countess of Rothes, put the welfare of others before her own, working tirelessly to row them to safety. Angela Young tells her great-grandmother’s in...
Topics: Titanic