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Scottish Hauntings

Amanda Moffet
Unloved boy's grave gets Guardian Angels
Today a lovely pink envelope dropped through our letter box at the ScotClans office, always like pink envelopes - bills don't tend to be in them. Inside was a thank you card, a newspaper cutting an...
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Nadine Lee
For Sale: Two Castles, TLC Required
Lordscairnie Castle – situated on the outskirts of Fife near Moonzie – was built between 1493 and 1498 by Sir Alexander Lindsay, seventh Earl of Crawford. The forlorn ruins are being sold for around £...
Amanda Moffet
The Witches of Logie
This weekend we have been staying at the lovely Witches Craig campsite, just a stones throw (well maybe a few throws) away from The Wallace Monument at Abbey Craig. Next to the campsite are the remain...
Amanda Moffet
The Green Lady of Crathes Castle
Crathes Castle historic seat of Clan Burnett. Like most Scottish castles Crathes has it's ghostly tales. The one it's most known for is the withered spectre of the Green Lady stalks the corridors,...
The Phantom Regiment of Killiecrankie
The Battle of Killiecrankie, fought on the 16th of July, 1689, was part of the Jacobite Risings trying to get James VII/II back on the throne in Scotland, England, and Ireland. It was a bloody victo...