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Scottish Myths & Legends

Amanda Moffet
The Blue Men from The Sound of Shiants
I have just returned from a trip to Lewis and came across this wonderful story. It is from the Shiant islands (meaning the holy or enchanted islands). The Shiant Islands lie four miles or so off th...
Nadine Lee
Griogal Cridhe - Beloved Gregor
On a Wednesday evening in Edinburgh, direct your ears upwards while wandering up Victoria Street from the Grassmarket and you might just hear a bit of Gaelic tune floating out onto the street below....
Nadine Lee
Top 5: Whisky of the Clans
Intrinsically linked like bread and butter, whisky and the Clans are about as all things Scot as you're going to get. Here are our top five links between the water of life and Scotland's oldest famili...
Nadine Lee
Our Vote for Scotland's National Tree
Canada has the instantly recognisable maple tree, Japan has the whimsical cherry blossom, and England has the mighty royal oak. However Scotland seems to have missed the proverbial national-tree boat,...
Nadine Lee
Council Weighs In On Bobby Rubbing
Greyfriar's Bobby, Pre-op Edinburgh's world famous pup Greyfriar's Bobby got a facelift earlier this week, following a successful Facebook campaign by Bobby enthusiasts. On Tuesday sculpture conser...