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musings of a simple man

watching the news of all the conflicts in the world.made me think of a couple of incidents in my past.
1st. I was on holiday in Washington dc.last year and visited the Arlington cemetery .I was taken aback and humbled on how big it was,the rows and rows of white headstones seemed to be marching in lines across the undulating park and everyone was a young person whoes life had sadly been cut short. their final resting place was at least well cared for and well visited for people to remember them.
Which brings to my 2nd. memory.
many years ago I was walking thru the SMA GLEN in Perthshire a lonely place frequented only by golden eagles and deer,when Icame to an old weather beaten Celtic cross surrounded by a broken and rusted railings and on the cross was a bronze plaque saying in memory of the men of this district who fell in the 1st.w.w. Below there was only six names but in a place like that the loss of six must have devastated what little population there was causing who was left to move away.
So this weathered old memorial to these men sits lonely and forgotten in this quiet glen.Compared to being looked after and remembered as at Arlington, sad really.
So here"s awe verse to all the fallen everywhere.


Marilyn Sloper
Beautifully said, John.
john thomson barn
thank you all for liking my musing.

I will be back!

the simple man
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