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Tartan Footprint helps you connect and share with Scottish people in your life.
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Greg Bailey
Doing Family Research, and following the path that has lead me here.
Denise Lagundzin
Hi! My great grandfather was William Baillie, he was born in Stow, Scotland. I live in Canada and am hoping to connect with other members of the Baillie clan.
William Paul Baillie
I didn't even know there were Clan Baillie events. It would be fun to hook up with some other Baillies. My father told me that our family is very large and has settled all over the world.
Denise Lagundzin
I am going to join the Scottish Society here in Toronto and see what I can find. Apparently going to Grandfather Mountain Games is a good idea as they have the largest amount of clan booths. I am planning a trip to Scotland for next year. Where do you live now William?
Richard Johnson
Fraternal Greetings to you!
I'm British with (in alphabetical order!) English, Scottish and Welsh ancestors. My Gt Gt Grandfather was Joseph Baillie of Dundee - born 1823. He and his wife Mary were Dun...
Sandra Green
Hi all, My maiden name is Bailey,descendant of Bailey's who immigrated as free settlers to Australia in 1841. I can share proven knowledge of my Bailey line in Australia and a well researched tree by ...
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Amanda Moffet
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