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Logan family crest

August 7, 2015 by
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Diane Cupp
logan is a heartbreaker
Deb Logan Nixon
Why Diane??
Diane Cupp
because of the pierced heart, if you were thinking like they could possibly have back then. or maybe the original Logan had married 3 times and all 3 didn't survive...just speculation of course..
Deb Logan Nixon
Oh! I have it documented, but will have to find it hahaha. Thumb drives and notes all over.
Deb Logan Nixon
I believe one of the tales passed down that I have, is it's to represent my two ancestors, Sir Robert Logan and his brother, Sir Walter Logan, that went with Sir James Douglas to carry the heart of Robert the Bruce back to the Holy Land. All 3 were slain in a battle against the Moors.
Liz Doyle
No wonder we get along, Deb. LOL. My grandmother was a Douglas.
Amanda Moffet
This is the personal arms of Logan of that Ilk:
"Or, three piles (passion nails), in point, piercing a man’s heart, in base, Gules."
Would have been the chief but the chiefly line came to an end. So this is the chief's coat of arms. The Clan wore the crest which can be seen at the top - heart with ...
Diane Cupp
thank you Amanda, romantic speculation aside. I do love a good history lesson.
Deb Logan Nixon
OMG...Amanda...that's where we are planning our trip for!I have a map for the area and know Restalrig was our family seat. I know our clan society is doing research regarding the Chief. Thank you for the information!
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